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National Career Development Center - is a career guidance and an important channel for your career development.

Thank you for visiting CareerNet. National Career Development Center, which is operating CareerNet, is a career guidance-related research
and development center set up at the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education &Training by the Ministry of Education.
CareerNet is an important channel that supports the career development of a greater number of people, without restriction to time or space.
It is making strenuous efforts to provide many high-quality career guidance services.


  • National Career Development Center, which is operating CareerNet,
    is a career guidance-related research and development center set up at the Korea
    Research Institute for Vocational Education & Training by the Ministry of Education.
  • In accordance with Career Education Act (2015) of Korea,
    KRIVET has been designated as National Career Development Center as of 16 January 2017.
  • The term “lifelong employment” is becoming meaningless
    in the quickly changing job environment. Citizens developing their skills and
    career paths throughout their lifetime is of great importance because it results
    in the enhancement in the quality of life of individuals as well as strengthening of national competitiveness.
  • In line with such changes of the era, National Career Development Center is performing
    a wide array of roles to support the citizenry in career development, which is a critical element
    in making a connection between “improvement of qualify of life of an individual” and two themes:
  • Perform research on policies and systems related to career guidance
    Produce and supply career path information
    Perform research on jobs and professionalism
    Carry out research on job stability-related policies and systems
    Develop and supply examination tools and programs related to occupation and career paths
    Offer career path counseling and education services, and training for career path-related experts
  • CareerNet is an important channel that supports the career development of a greater number of people,
    without restriction to time or space. It is making strenuous efforts to provide many high-quality career guidance services.
    National Career Development Center will continuously make efforts in the future. I ask for your continued interest and support.
  • NCDC Opening Ceremony

Establishment background

NCDC (National Career Development Center) drives the Vitalization of Customized Career Planning & Career Education throughout the Entire Lifespan of the Whole Nation

NCDC (National Career Development Center) consists of 3 teams with the career development experts

Research Fellows

  • Lee, Ji-Yeon / Ph. D
    • Senior Research Fellow

    • Doctor of Philosophy, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA

    • Researches
      • Career Information Study for Student with Special Educational Needs (2011-2012)
      • Program Development for Senior’s Job Seeking Skills (2009-2012)
      • Policy development of Career Education for 21st (2010)
    • career
      • current Vice president, The Association for Career Education(2013. 11 ~)
      • current University Structure Innovation Committee, Ministry of Educaiton(2016 ~)
      • Lifelong Vocational Educaiton Policy Advisor, Ministry of Education(2013 ~ 2015)
      • Director General, Career &Vocational Information Centre, KRIVET(2013 ~ 2015)
      • Editor, The Journal of Career Education(2012 ~ 2015)
      • Head, Vocation, Career, &Qualification Research Department, KRIVET (2010 ~ 2012)
  • Han, Sang-Geun
    / Ph. D
    • Senior Research Fellow

    • Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology, Korea University, Seoul, Korea, 1999

    • Researches
      • Tomorrow’s World of Work(2013-2015)
      • The Study of Korean Occupational Index (2011~2015)
      • Occupational Research on Health and Medical Industry(2006)
      • Occupational Research on Electronics Industry(2005)
      • A Study on Changes of Occupations in Korea (I~III, 2001~2003)
      • Study of Koreans Job Mentality (II) (2002)
  • Jeong, Yun-Kyeong
    • Research Fellow

      • Seoul National University, Seoul. Bachelor of Agriculture (B.A.). Major in Agricultural & Vocational Education. 1993
      • Graduate School, SNU, Seoul. Master of Education Major in Agricultural & Vocational Education. 1995
      • Graduate School, SNU, Seoul. a doctorate of Education Major in Agricultural & Vocational Education. 2006
    • Researches
      • Career Education Policy Direction and Tasks at the Higher Education Level (2017)
      • Study on National Career Development Center Operating System (2016)
      • Development of career training e-Learning content (2015)
      • Work Values and Work Ethics of Korean (2014)
      • Monitoring on the policy of teacher of career guidance and counseling (2012)
      • Roles and career education tasks of teacher of career guidance and counselling in primary and secondary school (2012)
      • Curriculum integration of career education teaching and learning plan development project (2012)
      • Establishment of an operation model for integrated career education (2010)
      • Vocational interest test revised research (2009)
  • Yoojeong Nadine Seo
    • Associate Research Fellow

      • University of Nottingham(PhD Applied Psychology)
      • University of Manchester(MSc Organisational Psychology)
      • University College London(BSc Psychology)
    • Researches
      • Evaluation of the anti-workplace bullying legislations and policies of the oversears countries and South Korea. Journal of Secretarial Studies (2017)
      • A study into the current state of workplace bullying in South Korea and for the preventive and reactive actions. KRIVET (2016)
      • South Korean culture and history: The implications for workplace bullying. Aggression and Violent Behavior (2012)
  • Jang, Hyun-Jin
    • Research Fellow

      • Ph.D. in Education, Seoul National University
      • M.A. in Education, Seoul National Universtiy
      • B.A. in Agriculture, Seoul National University
    • Researches
      • Career Education Survey(2015, 2016, 2017)
      • Research on the Korean Occupational Index for Employment Service (2016, 2017)
      • Research on the Revison of the Standard Curriculum for Career Education & Guidance Teachers' Training (2015)
      • Success Factors and Supporting Strategies for the Free Semester System Focusing on Career Exploration (2014)
  • Kim, Na-Ra
    • Senior Researcher

    • Master of Educaion, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 2002

    • Researches
      • Directions and Challenges for Free Learning Semester from Foreign Cases of Career Education (2014)
      • The Relationship among the Vocational Interest Type, Desired Career Courses, Career Decision, School Satisfaction for the Adolescents (2014)
      • A Study on the Application of the Irish Transtion Year Proframme in Korea (2013)
      • Narrative Inquiry of Career Education from Irish Transtion Year and English Gap Year Based on Humanistic Philosophy of Education
      • A Study on the education and utilization of female scientists and engineers (2004)
      • Study of Occupational Changes(Ⅲ) - Focusing on the Environmental Industry (2003)
      • Policy study on university student club activities for employment (2002)
  • Lee, Younjin
    • Researcher

      • HRD, Adult continuing education, Career education
    • career
      • Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Literature, Sookmyung Women's University, Seoul, Korea
      • Master of Business Administration, Korea University, Seoul, Korea
  • Bang, Hye-jin
    • Researcher

      • Department of Education, Doctor course completion, Sookmyung Women's University, Seoul, Korea
    • career
      • Korea Research Institute of Vocational Education & Training
      • Director General, The Korean Society for the Study of Career Education
      • College lecture, Tongwon University
      • College lecture, Daelim University College
      • Vocational counselor, Seongnam Branch Office, Ministry of Employment and Labor
  • Kim, Jaehee
    • Researcher

      • Ph.D. in Social Welfare, Kyonggi University, Korea
      • M.A. in Social Welfare, Kyonggi University, Korea
    • Researches
      • A Study on the Changing Patterns of Economic Activity in Adult Life Stages of Persons with Disabilities (2016)
  • Na, Eun-Jeong
    • Researcher

      • Master of Business Administration, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea
  • Park, Bong nam
    • Researcher

      • Youth Studies, Choongang University, Seoul, Korea
  • Lee, Seojung
    • Researcher

      • Career Development, Vocational Education
  • Lee, Jinsol
    • Researcher

      • M.A. in Educational Administration, Yonsei University
      • B.A. in Education, Yonsei University
    • Researches
      • Research on the revision of the standard curriculum for career counselor training (2015)
  • Ahn, JoongSeok
    • Researcher

      • Master of Management Information Systems, Chungbuk National University, Korea

Key Functions

Career Education in KOREA

National Career Development Plan (2016 ~ 2020)

Korea strengthens one’s dream and talent to contribute to our citizens’ contentment.
An individual may have provided a career path to school and workplace that suits their talent and aptitude.
National Career Development Framework is the main body of national human resource development and
this structure brings the greatest efficiency of the national growth.
Korea is currently suffering from the excessive enrolment rate in tertiary education (25-34 years old 67.7% of in same age group, 2014 est.)
and these overly qualified human resources are only lean on particular field of studies or jobs.

This disparity on supply and demand of human resources can be solved by career development from the earlier stage.
Career development in Korea keeps evolving, and now it is time to determine our future goals and challenges in career development.
The final year of the present government is 2017, which is the perfect time to see the progress of public policy of career development;
FLS, customized career design, and happiness education.

Table 1. National Career Development Plan – 2016 ~ 2020

Vision HAPPY career establishment with liberating one’s dream and talent
  • (Student) Reinforcing Self-directed career development competency
  • (School) Establishing concrete customized career education structure
  • (Society) Accomplishing citizens’ wellbeing and lifelong learning society
task Strategies Sub-strategies
Career education reinforcement in primary and secondary education Operating education curriculum with career development elements
  • Widening career education curriculum
  • Operating career education focusing semester/year
  • Promoting well-structured career education activities
Developing career education professionalism of teachers and other Human resources
  • Establishing career education task force
  • Encouraging expertise of career education human resources
Target expansion of career education Promoting career education for neglected students (disabled, foreigners, seniors, etc.)
  • Equalizing career education opportunities for all
  • Improving customized career education support
Promoting career education for the students in the tertiary education
  • Expending career education curriculum
  • Expending career education program for students in tertiary education
  • Enforcing the quality and quantity of career education human resource
  • Providing on-stop service for students
Promotion of career experience learning Cultivating career experiential learning center (company, training center, etc.)
  • Spreading career experiential learning center for the whole society
  • Developing trustworthy career experiential learning center
  • Imposing the quality of career experiential learning center
Developing Career experiential programs
  • Varying career experiential programs
  • Qualifying career experiential programs
Infrastructure improvement in career education Establishing Career education support system
  • Creating Career education task force
  • Developing career development network with stakeholders
Improving Career information network and career education training for parents
  • Renovating user-friendly career information network
  • Promoting career education for parents

Free Learning Semester

The Free Learning Semester (FLS) aims to provide career exploration opportunities for students who are in the middle school with a variety of activities to find out their career vision and goal. FLS is the a semester (usually the first semester of their middle school period), that provides students with intensive career experience programmes without the pressure from exams so as to vitalize career education that is connected from primary schools (Period of learning career awareness) to middle schools (Period of learning career exploration) and high schools (Period of learning career decision).

Career Education Act

The Career Education Act was launched in Korea on 23 December 2015. The purpose of the act is to clarify the responsibilities of the nation, states, and schools in providing effective career education, also the career learning right of students at all education level without anyone isolated. The Career Education Act is consisted of 4 chapters and 23 articles that describe the role of career education to enhance students’ career development
competencies and national growth.

Chapter Article
Chapter 1.General §1 (objectives)
§2 (definition)
§3 (relations amongst other Acts)
§4 (basic direction of career education)
§5 (obligation of the Nation and the local governments)
§6 (career education actual condition investigation)
§7 (breach of confidentiality)
Chapter 2.Career education in primary school and secondary school §8 (career education objectives and achievement standard)
§9 (career teacher)
§10 (career psychological testing)
§11 (career counseling)
§12 (donation for education and career experiential learning center accreditation)
§13 (career exploration curriculum operation)
§14 (career education focused semester/year)
Chapter 3.Career education in universities §15 (career education in universities)
Chapter 4.Career education infrastructure §16 (national career development center)
§17 (local career development center)
§18 (Local career development council)
§19 (career experiential learning center support)
§20 (cooperation system etc.)
§21 (Participation of guardian (patents))
§22 (career development contents)
§23 (Metropolitan and Provincial Offices of Educations’ career education assessment)

As the host country of ICCDPP International Symposium 2017, Korea is eager to share our exceptional achievement in career development. Moreover, Career Education Act secures national career development strategy that let individuals investigate their potentials and competencies under the umbrella of the Act.


Career Education Act delivers the guideline for future career education at school and national career education policies.
The Act highlights the supports on varying career education opportunities to students will contribute on development of students’ skills and aptitude and
promotion of wellbeing and economic and social growth.
The objective of career education is to foster career development competencies of students and to develop career competency which represents the ability to explore sustainedly and develop one’s career path to actively compete in the changing world of work and lifelong learning society.

The Career Education Act is the earliest, so fundamental act that stated ‘competency’ amongst education related Acts.
The Career Education Act recognizes all students in primary and secondary schools including the neglected group of students (disabled youth, North Korean defector, school drop-out, and youth on welfare) have the learning right to receive career education which satisfies the objectives and achievement criteria pursued in national career education. In addition, it holds the central government and local governments responsible for the provision of career education with the cooperation of Ministry of labor, Ministry of gender equality & family and metropolitan and regional offices of education.
This widen that the career education is not only limited to individuals and schools but also requires the contribution of the whole Korean society.
Moreover, the Act designates the career development center in national and local level to supply secure career education in all across the nation.
Career education can be qualified with the allocation of career education experts and this is crucial.
The Act states that primary and secondary school should have designated career teachers and these teachers at school should be supported with other human resources from outside of school.
Furthermore, career education practices can be promoted with national and local government since they have legislated responsibilities which requires providing career education in whenever, wherever or whoever needs.

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