CareerNet Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education & Traning

Key Functions

  • Performs timely and effective career path guidance-related research
  • Performs a leading role in developing career path guidance-related
    theories by carrying out basic research related to job development
    and guidance in Korea
  • Develops career guidance programs by development phase that
    satisfy various demands
  • Continuously develops and supplies career guidance-related
    examination tools that ensure feasibility and reliability
  • Quickly and faithfully produces, supplies, and processes job and
    career path information
  • Facilitates the development and training of career guidance-related
  • Provides consulting and support for career guidance-related

KRIVET Career Development Center 와 Careernet 의 교집합 이미지

KRIVET Career Development Center
Career counseling and advice
Development and supply of programs, advice
Corporations/lifelong learning organizations
Advice and guidance
Regional offices of education, Education science institutes
Provision of information and counseling
Career development support for alienated people
  • ·Youth not going to school
  • ·Youth who dropped out
Development of infromation
Development and supply of programs, advice
Counseling organization
  • ·Youth counseling center
  • ·Job center
  • ·Educationcounseling center
Policy advice
Drow up and implement the government's career development support policies
Development and supply of programs, advice
Career guidance under the public education system (Elementary-middle-high school-college-grad school)
Provision of information and materials
Researchers related to career path guidance